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Eyelash Extension Techniques

Eyelash extensions are the professional service of having one eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash, one at a time.  This typically takes about two hours of service time to complete for a new full set.  Although this is not always the case, and will vary depending on the person and establishment applying the lashes.  

Lengths vary from 4mm-22mm, though eyelash extensions longer than 15mm are too heavy for most natural lashes. 

Our salons (Broken Arrow, south Tulsa, midtown, and Owasso) spend two hours on any full set technique we offer.  The various techniques available can be name different things by different people, and this can be confusing for the client.  

Eyelash extension techniques can be broken down into three main categories: 

  • Classic 

  • Hybrid 

  • Volume 

Classic: This eyelash extension technique is the application of one single eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash at a time.  Thicknesses of extensions can vary widely, and are very important for the health of the natural eyelashes.  15mm thickness is almost always light enough for most natural lashes.  If the natural lashes are very weak, and short, the volume technique would be superior to classic for the client.  Classic will provide a fuller, darker, natural end result.  Since classic extensions are heavier than volume extensions, they do not feel as light as other options, but should still always feel comfortable.  

Hybrid: This eyelash extension technique is the combination of the classic technique and volume technique.  The ratio differs depending on the clients desired outcome and the lash artists definition of hybrid.  Hybrid extensions will be a middle road in terms of fullness.  This technique is often used to achieve looks such as the Kim K, or "spiked" lashes. Any technique can achieve these results though.  Expect to see a mixture of fans, and single extensions shed when you have this technique applied.  

Volume: This eyelash extension technique uses multiple, thinner extensions.  Typically, the "fan" of lashes are made by hand during the service, although some lash artists prefer to use premade fans that are purchased ready to apply.  The volume technique, often referred to as the "Russian" volume technique, can range from ultra natural to ultra dramatic, depending on the desired outcome of the client, and the skill level of the lash artist.  The more extensions that are in each fan, the more difficult it is to make.  This is why there are quite a few technicians that choose to use premade fans.  It saves time, and can achieve fuller results without having to make each fan by hand.  


Our salons only apply handmade volume lashes to our clients, as we believe that they are of the highest quality, and last the longest.  Learning the volume technique is difficult and takes a lot of time.  

We train each lash artist based on the fundamentals first, beginning with classic extensions, and making their way up to mega volume.  


Eyelash extension menu from most natural to most full: 

  • Classic 

  • Hybrid / classic & volume 

  • Natural / volume

  • Bold / volume 

  • Master / bold volume

  • Mega / volume 

We always recommend to our clients that are unsure to start with classic and work their way up if needed.  We do not charge an additional fee to switch to a different technique, and do not require a new full set.  Our clients often move from different techniques as their moods and desired outcomes change. 

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