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Eyelash Extension After care

Taking Care! 

      How to properly care for your beautiful lashes! 

  • To maintain great retention, avoid touching, rubbing, or pulling!  This will loosen the bond of the adhesive and cause your extensions to shed before their time. 

  • No waterproof cosmetics!  One of the keys to wearing eye makeup with extensions is that no product gets at the base of the lash line.  This is where the bond is attached.  Waterproof cosmetics are extremely rough on the eyes and difficult to clean. Leaving makeup on your eyes is not only bad for your poor eyes, its bad for your extensions too!  

  • Clean your lashes at least once a day!!!  Use a lash shampoo made specifically for the eye area.  Be cautious of using baby shampoo, or other cosmetic products that may contain harmful chemicals that you do not want on your delicate eyes everyday.  Johnson & Johnson released a statement that specifically addressed the use of their baby shampoo for eyelash extensions that said, they do not recommend using their product on the eyes, as it was not developed for that purpose.  When washing your extensions, brush with the lashes, and not against them.  This will prevent friction from pulling them off the natural lashes.  You may dry lashes (especially volume) on COOL setting after washing, to fluff them back out.  Make sure to brush them once dry whether you dry them immediately after, or let them air dry, to prevent them from looking clumped together. 

  • Another helpful tip is using a silk or satin pillow case.  Cotton cases pull on lashes.  The smoother the surface, the better! 3D sleep masks help with rough sleepers. 

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