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**There is no extra charge for switching from volume and classic techniques.**

Volume eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes attached to each individual natural eyelash identical in every way except in the pick up technique!  Classic extensions are one thicker (.15mm & up), than volume extensions (.03mm, .05mm, .06mm, .07mm).  This allows us to safely attach more than one extension per natural eyelash.  The weight is not to be confused with the diameter.  The weight is what each single extension weighs, the diameter is the circumference of the base of the lash.  5 volume lashes weigh about as much as one classic lash!  Volume is an advanced form of eyelash extensions, and should never be performed by a lash artist that is considered new to the industry.  This is because learning the volume technique is a very long, frustrating process.  Quality is sacrificed greatly when learning this technique comes too soon, or is rushed!  Volume lashes are essentially a better version of eyelash extensions in general.  They typically maintain better retention, feel much lighter, add less weight to your natural lashes and are incredibly soft.  Eyelash extensions that are applied correctly do not damage your natural eyelashes.    

If you have suffered from any permanent lash damage, we recommend volume because the wide fans will close most gaps where lashes no longer grow.  Volume is also best for clients that are seeking a dramatic look.  Classic can achieve this, but if you would like them to be thicker, book a volume fill instead next time!  

The process of applying eyelash extensions should not be preformed by anyone other than a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist that has been properly trained, including extended practice.  The extensions are attached using an adhesive containing cyanoacrylate.  This is a chemical and should be taken seriously, as it is being used near the eyes!   









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