Classic Beauty 

Classic eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes attached to each individual natural eyelash!  Brightening up your entire face, and instantly taking years off your appearance.  Eyelash extensions that are applied correctly do not damage your natural eyelashes.  

Classic eyelash extensions are made in diameters: .10mm, .15mm, .20mm, .25mm, and .30mm.  The only diameters that are safe for extended wear on natural lashes are .10mm, and .15mm.  Heavier extensions will "look" fuller, but will ultimately ruin your natural lashes.  If your desired result is fullness, the volume technique will deliver without damaging your lashes.  

The process of applying eyelash extensions should not be preformed by anyone other than a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist that has been properly trained, including extended practice.  The extensions are attached using an adhesive containing cyanoacrylate.  This is a chemical and should be taken seriously, as it is being used near the eyes!   

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


To cancel or re-schedule, please provide 24 hours notice for one hour appointments, and 48 hours notice for 2 hour appointments.  Please understand that this cancellation policy is in place to prevent no shows and last minute cancellations that cannot be filled in less than a days notice.  Every lash artist at Flutter earns their income based on the clients that they perform services on.  If a client does not come to the appointment they committed to, the beautician literally receives a pay cut each time this occurs.  This adds up to a large percentage of the weeks pay.  We understand that there are last minute things that come up, that is why we only require 24 hours notice for most appointments.  Notification by email or via social media is not accepted.  If proper notice is not provided, a cancellation fee of $20 for fill appointments and $30 for full set appointments will be charged. 


We require deposits on ALL full sets and spray tan appointments.  Deposits are not refundable, but are transferable if the appointment is rescheduled outside of 48 hours notice.  Cancellation or no showing will result in the deposit being forfeited as a cancelation fee for a 2 hour appointment.  


We do allow children to come to lash appointments.  Please remember that your eyes will be closed during the entire duration of a lash appointment.  Spray appointments also leave you in a stagnant position because you are unclothed and have spray solution covering your body.   If your child cannot sit with you for the appointment duration without needing attention or care, we ask that you please find a sitter.  It is extremely difficult to work with a crying infant, or child climbing on the chairs.  The process of applying extensions requires the client to remain as still as possible.  Any movement makes the service extremely difficult to perform.  Please refrain from having your child on your lap, as they do not understand why it is important to remain still.  We do not have a childcare center on site, so we are not able to take care of your children while we are working.  We will continue to allow children to come to the salon with their mothers.  You know your child better than anyone else!  Please decide if he/she is capable of remaining by your side without any issues before bringing him/her with you!  Feel free to call the salon anytime if you have any more questions regarding this subject.  We reserve the right to stop any appointment that is causing a disturbance to the salon.