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Classic Beauty 

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Classic eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes attached to each individual natural eyelash!  Brightening up your entire face, and instantly taking years off your appearance.  Eyelash extensions that are applied correctly do not damage your natural eyelashes.  

Classic eyelash extensions are made in diameters: .10mm, .15mm, .20mm, .25mm, and .30mm.  The only diameters that are safe for extended wear on natural lashes are .10mm, and .15mm.  Heavier extensions will "look" fuller, but will ultimately ruin your natural lashes.  If your desired result is fullness, the volume technique will deliver without damaging your lashes.  

The process of applying eyelash extensions should not be preformed by anyone other than a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist that has been properly trained, including extended practice.  The extensions are attached using an adhesive containing cyanoacrylate.  This is a chemical and should be taken seriously, as it is being used near the eyes!   

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