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Lash Retention with ESK  | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lash Retention with ESK

Hey beauties! 💖 Let's talk about one of my absolute FAV topics today – eyelash extensions! I mean, who doesn't love fluttery, long lashes that make your eyes pop, right? 😍 And guess what? I've got some hot tips to share with you about how to make those lash extensions last longer, all thanks to the magic of ESK lash supplies! 🌟

  1. Quality Matters, Honey!

    ESK Lash Supplies' products are seriously game-changing when it comes to eyelash extension retention. 💯 Invest in high-quality lashes, adhesives, and aftercare products. Their lashes are super durable, lightweight, and made to last! Plus, their adhesives are the bomb – they keep those lashes firmly in place for weeks! 🙌

  2. Prep Your Natural Lashes Like a Pro

    Before your lash tech works their magic, make sure your natural lashes are clean and oil-free. ESK Lash Supplies has fantastic pre-treatment solutions that will ensure your natural lashes are primed and ready to hold those extensions! ✨

  3. Say NO to Oil-Based Products!

    Oily makeup removers and skincare products can be your lashes' worst enemy. Opt for oil-free makeup removers and cleansers to avoid lash extension fallout. ESK Lash Supplies even has a fantastic lash cleanser that's gentle and lash-friendly! 😇

  4. Skip the Waterworks

    For the first 24-48 hours after getting your lash extensions, avoid water like it's your ex's text messages. Water can weaken the adhesive, so no swimming, crying, or excessive sweating during that crucial period! 😅

  5. Brush, Baby, Brush

    ESK Lash Supplies has the most adorable lash brushes, by the way! 😍 Gently brush your extensions daily to keep them looking fabulous and to prevent any tangling. It's like giving your lashes a mini spa treatment! 🧖‍♀️

  6. Bye-Bye Mascara, Hello Lash Extensions

    The beauty of lash extensions is that you don't need mascara! Using mascara can cause clumps and make your extensions fall out faster. Plus, ESK Lash Supplies has an amazing range of lash-safe mascaras for when you crave that extra oomph! 🙋‍♀️

  7. Regular Fill Appointments

    To maintain that lush look, make sure to schedule regular fill appointments with your lash tech. They'll touch up any lashes that have shed and keep your set looking flawless! ESK Lash Supplies has everything your lash tech needs for top-notch fills! 💪

  8. Beauty Sleep Matters

    Get your beauty sleep, babe! Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing your lashes against the pillow. And if you need a little extra support, ESK Lash Supplies even has a special lash pillow – total game-changer! 😴

  9. Be Gentle with Your Lashes

    Avoid touching, rubbing, or pulling at your lash extensions. Treat them with love, and they'll love you back! 💕

So there you have it, lovelies! With the right products from ESK Lash Supplies and a little TLC, you can keep those eyelash extensions looking fabulous for weeks on end. Tag your lash besties and let them in on the secret! 😉✨

Remember, gorgeous lashes are just a click away with ESK Lash Supplies. Treat yourself and your clients to the best lash experience ever! Happy lashing! 💁‍♀️💖 #ESKLashSupplies #LashLove #LashExtensionsForever

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