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Please check the calendar for upcoming class dates! 

2 day class

10am-6pm day 1

10am-4pm day 2

Classroom - Learning about everything you need to know in the industry. Classic extension application, chemistry of adhesive, allergies, different types of lashes (curls, diameters, lengths etc.), and everything in between.  We provide everything that you will need for this class, including a notepad & pen for taking notes. 


Hands on - live models

Handling tools, applying extensions correctly, proper glue use, & demonstrations. 

You may bring your own models, or we can provide them for you.  

Additional details: 

Doughnuts and coffee are provide in the morning, lunch is not provided. 

$200 deposit required to reserve your seat per student. 

Return for refresher classes 100% free of charge indefinitely!  We are here to help, and offer as many resources to you afterwards to help you achieve success in this industry. (Free courses apply to the specific class taken.  Ex: Classic extensions course, free lifetime refresher classic courses. Volume extension course, free lifetime refresher volume courses. Free classes are per course only!)



Contact: 918-940-2888 for any additional questions or to sign up over the phone. 

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